On Election Day, hope, energy, and anxiety – but also calm

On an Election Day of heightened tension, voters brought energy to the polls, as well as some concerns about an unfair process. But it was largely a peaceful day.  [With reporting by Harry Bruinius, Patrik Jonsson, and Francine Kiefer.]

Published Nov. 8, 2016

LOS ANGELES—Carol Santa Cruz walked out of her neighborhood polling place on Election Day with a sticker on her chest and a smile on her face.

Around her, the line of voters – residents from the Echo Park district of Los Angeles – grew as the sun began to burn off the early morning chill. Some brought their children. Others, like Ms. Santa Cruz, brought their pets. People chatted amicably about politics, the weather, the wait.

The sight of her fellow citizens coming out to vote – and the feeling of casting her own ballot – filled Santa Cruz with hope.

“Yes, the system is broken,” she says. “But there are people out there who want to fix it. Look how many kids are here, not in school this morning. Those are parents telling their children, ‘It’s important to vote.’ ”

“That keeps me hopeful.”

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