What Republicans will do if Trump loses

Interviews with Republicans in California’s Central Valley show frustration and – among some – a revolutionary fervor. But for most, Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged election aren’t an invitation to violence.

Published Oct. 21, 2016

Barbara Gibbons never used to be passionate about politics.

Then in 2008, the mother of six watched as President Obama won the White House amid allegations that he had ties to a controversial group accused of falsifying voter registration information. Four years later, a Pew Center report revealed that nearly 2 million dead people were still registered to vote in the United States.

By the time Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, Ms. Gibbons was convinced that the United States political system was corrupt and needed an overhaul. Today she sees in Mr. Trump the nation’s last real hope for change.

And should Trump lose on Nov. 8, Gibbons worries that drastic measures may be necessary to prevent further abuse of Americans’ constitutional rights.

“If the situation continues the way that it’s going,” she says, “it just might take another revolution. It just might take a civil war to get our country back.”

Read the rest at csmonitor.com

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