California’s US Senate election

After 24 years in office, California Democrat Barbara Boxer is retiring from her seat in the United States Senate. Vying for her position are state attorney general Kamala Harris and Orange County Rep. Loretta Lynch. In the stories below I look at two things: First, how the race might serve as an instructional for engaging voters across party lines; and second, how the two candidates provide a window into the future of the Democratic Party.

Both stories were published on The Christian Science Monitor website.

Why California’s ‘snoozer’ Senate election is actually important (Sept. 30, 2016) 

The California Senate race could serve as a window into what it takes to convince voters to cross party lines.

On display at the California Senate debate: future of the Democratic Party (Oct. 6, 2016)

The race for California’s open US Senate seat features two Democrats: a woman of black and Asian descent and a Latina.