The diversity discussion

Race and racism. Diversity and discrimination. These issues continue to bubble up to the surface from the depths of US society and history, and their impact stretches from college campuses to Capitol Hill. In these stories, I look into the drivers and examine the front lines of racial discourse and debate in America.

All stories were published in The Christian Science Monitor.

Why ‘Whiteness History Month’ makes everyone uncomfortable (Jan. 22, 2016)

Portland Community College plans to dedicate a month to the study of whiteness as a social construct, eliciting a range of reactions online – not all positive. But any meaningful discourse on race comes with contention, some say.

Why Hollywood’s diversity issues go deeper than Oscars ‘whiteout’ (Jan. 15, 2016)

For the second year in a row, the Academy nominated only white actors in all the acting categories. But experts say the diversity problem reaches far beyond awards shows. 

Why student-athlete activism is rattling cages (Dec. 15, 2015)

State legislators in Missouri have proposed a bill that would strip scholarships from student-athletes who boycott games. It hints at a resurgence of 1960s-era athlete activism.

How Black Lives Matter operates when spotlight is trained elsewhere (Nov. 25, 2015)

Media descended again on Black Lives Matter in wake of shooting of five protesters in Minneapolis. But the group’s staying power may have more to do with how it works even without national attention.

Texas textbook vote highlights disputes over US history – and how to teach it (Nov. 20, 2015)

The process of vetting state textbooks came under renewed fire after a Houston mother pointed out that her son’s ninth-grade textbook referred to African slaves as ‘workers.’ 

University of Missouri president resigns amid more student athlete activism (Nov. 9, 2015)

Members of the football team were among the student and faculty groups demanding that University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe step down in the wake of what they said was an inadequate response to racial incidents.

Ole Miss removes Confederate-themed state flag: Ripples beyond campus? (Oct. 26, 2015)

On Monday, University of Mississippi police took down the state flag, which depicts the Confederate battle emblem.




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