2015: The year in US mass shootings

A two-part report on shootings in the United States for 2015, based on crowdsourced data online and put together in the wake of the killings in San Bernardino, Calif., on Dec. 2. Both stories were a collaboration with my colleague, Henry Gass.

Both stories were published in The Christian Science Monitor.

2015 US mass shootings: ‘The sky is not falling’ (Dec. 14, 2015)

There have been 22 mass shootings in 2015 in which four or more victims were killed, slightly above average for the past 15 years.

The two faces of mass shootings in America (Dec. 10, 2015)

Data on mass shootings for 2015 reveal that one kind of mass shooting gets all the attention, while the other is actually a much wider problem. 


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