What Planned Parenthood means to different women

To some women, the nation’s top abortion provider is a symbol of abomination. To others, the provider of health care to low-income women is a symbol of hope. To almost all, it is the foremost symbol of the abortion debate.

Published Dec. 4, 2015

BOSTON — When antiabortion advocate Rita Russo talks about Planned Parenthood, her aversion is clear.

“I see Planned Parenthood as an organization whose main goal is to provide abortion for profit,” says Mrs. Russo, who twice a year coordinates prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics in the Boston area. “They say they provide women’s health services, but that is a smoke screen. We’re paying half a billion dollars to an organization that’s killing babies.”

But for Buxi Iacobone – who first visited a Planned Parenthood in Athens, Ohio, as a college student after her mother lost her job and their health insurance – the organization represents safety, security, and affordable service from people interested in her reproductive well-being.

“It’s the best care I have ever received,” says Ms. Iacobone, now a graduate student at Columbus State Community College and a regular Planned Parenthood patient and volunteer. “Nobody’s going to be turned away because they don’t have money, or because there’s a language barrier, or because of decisions they’ve made. I don’t know how that value can be quantified.”

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