Midnight Meditations

This, I believe, is the longest I’ve gone without blogging here in Spain. It’s still sort of surreal to me how quickly time’s been passing since we moved to Madrid – I feel like I’m always on my feet, reporting; or figuring out ways to translate interviews; or writing, writing, writing, editing and writing some more. Next thing I know, three days have gone without a blog post.

But here I am, in bed, with my wine and a bit of cheese, ready to relay the thoughts that have been gathering in my mind the past few days.

1. On meeting Carlene’s family: They arrived last Saturday and they are amazing. Geoff, her husband, is an energetic, outspoken man with a million stories to tell – no surprise there, as he’s a reporter for the Boston Globe. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get to work with him before the trip is done. Their daughter, Lila, is a lovely, intelligent 12-year-old who gave me a run for my money on her analysis of the “Twilight” series. (Apparently, some spell-checking needs to be done on some of those books.) It was her birthday today, and we had a nice little picnic at the Plaza del Oeste to celebrate. And Cal, adorable Cal! He showed me around their hotel room tonight, proudly pointing out the view of the Royal Palace from his window as only a four-year-old can. I think I’m in love with that one. It was great to see Carlene in her real mom role, too – she’s been such a mother to us all that it was refreshing to see where it all comes from!

2. On stress. I mentioned this in my last post, but I think the insanity is beginning to get to me too. Not in a bad way – and I’m saying this mostly to my parents, who a) worry far too much and b) are the number one visitors of this blog (yay for familial support!). It’s more of an I’m-getting-work-done-and-it’s-difficult-and-CRAZY-but-I-love-it kind of way. I think I’ve always worked best in stressful situations, and I enjoy rising to a challenge. Even if it sometimes means that other people (hi, Julia!) catch me laughing to myself as I run a statistical report on the Spanish housing crisis through Google Translate while draining yet another cup of coffee. It’s what makes life exciting, you know?

3. On the resurgence of absentmindedness. Of course I boarded the wrong train on the way home tonight. And of course I didn’t notice my mistake for two whole stops, as I was busy humming along to The Fray on my iPhone. And of course that meant an extra 10 minutes of waiting at a metro stop just before midnight – hardly an ideal situation. But hey, I think it’s just the wanderer in me taking over my semi-conscious mind. I love the idea of exploring, of losing myself in a milling crowd, of finding the most peculiar things in the most unusual places. Not that I did any of that tonight – it was more just me wishing I’d paid more attention and wanting to be in my PJ’s, under the covers. But still.

Tomorrow is a full day for me: Two big interviews (one in the morning and one at night), another follow-up interview in the afternoon and a tour of the Royal Palace just after midday. This is the life, people! I only hope I get a chance for some cerveza or tinto before heading home.


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