Of Stunning Views and Strange Nuns

Toledo: A melting pot of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures, and all the glory that comes with such a claim to fame. After only five days in Madrid, I was already – again – in a place where ancient majesty couldn’t help but leave me breathless. I know, sounds totally corny. But if you’d seen it, you’d believe it:

Definitely a great place to walk around and get lost in. I also took some photos of former Jewish structures that are now churches, but I’m saving those for a mini-project I’m doing.

One of the excursion’s highlights – for me, at least – was the marzipan, a delicious almond sweet that they sell all over the city. We happened upon a convent, St. Rita’s, that sold them as a specialty, and had a semi-creepy nun hand us a box through a grated window. Dylan, our teaching assistant/resident marzipan-lover, will probably talk about it more, once he has the time. (I know for sure he has pictures.)

Meanwhile, we’ll be heading out to see what football-crazy Madrid does when its two teams go head-to-head in the match of the year! (Or is it the decade? The century? I have no context whatsoever regarding this. Good thing some of our team will be covering the festivities – watch out for the full story here.)

Hasta mañana!

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