Adiós Salamanca, Hola Madrid

And so ends our time in the beautiful university town of Salamanca. It was two weeks of all kinds of interesting challenges and fun adventures (which you, reader, would know if you scroll down this blog), but today we move on to further exploits in the big city: Madrid.

Of course, that meant having to say goodbye to our guide, teacher and wonderful friend Maria, which kind of sucks. Still, I’m sure all of us can say we’re thankful we had her to take us around the Golden City.

Three hours and a rest stop later, we were in Madrid. It was a flurry of honking horns and concrete sidewalks as we lugged our suitcases to our new apartments and got settled in (which definitely brought us out of our small-town haze – a lot fewer cobblestone walkways here!).

The set-up is different here, without home stay moms to cook us food and do our laundry, but on the upside we each have our own rooms. No more bumping my head on that bunk bed, baby! I absolutely left some brain cells on our host mom’s floor as a parting gift.

Of course there was a small mishap with our apartment’s washing machine; and of course we got a little lost on our way to meet our new guide, Alexia; and of course Kelsey and I wandered around the supermercado fretting over what kind of milk to get  and unable to find facial wash (it was all in Spanish, obviously); but hey, it’s the first day. I’d like to think we made it through OK.

We also got a nice treat: A mini walking tour around the city, where I managed to find a glass of red wine and some delicious croquettas, and take a walk around the Royal Palace grounds. (Cue photos)

Tomorrow I have my first interview for my first Madrid story! This is going to be a good time, I can feel it.

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  1. Je…after all your travels and adventures…why don’t you invite your friends for a quiet time in mexico?

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