Saturday Excursion

Yesterday’s pedal boat adventure/photography debacle distracted me from what I’d really wanted to blog about, which was Saturday’s trip to the mountains of the Sierra de Francia and the town of La Alberca, in the southern end of the province of Salamanca.

As is typical of this part of the world, the place was stunning. We climbed up and up and up, passing a few capras (or Spanish mountain goats) along the way. At the top of mountain was an old monastery, complete with a giant sundial and views of the countryside below.

After enjoying the fresh air and some much-needed coffee and pastries at the tiny – and cozy – cafeteria, we headed down to the pueblo of La Alberca. The town, originally an Arab settlement, is well-known for its architecture, which is missing the red tile roofs and caramel-colored stone that marks the rest of the province. We walked through cobbled streets and quaint buildings, and stumbled upon a medieval market that the town was hosting that day.

There were stalls filled with knickknacks and trinkets, but my favorite part was the pulperia – a makeshift outdoor eatery that served a local specialty: pulpo, or octopus. I had to try it, of course, and I recruited Kelsey and Bryan to taste test the dish with me. (It was muy delicioso!)

All in all, a very nice way to spend our last Saturday morning in Salamanca. Tomorrow, we head for Madrid – updates on that coming soon!

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