Moving Out, Moving In

So we’re the first casualty among home stays: A persnickety neighbor, an ailing grandmother and a distressed host – along with our need to work (and use the bathroom) in the wee hours of the morning, which said neighbor constantly complained about – combined to put us out of our first home and into another one several streets away.

But things happen for a reason, ? Our new home mom turned out to be the most lovable woman, a sweet older lady with an easy smile and a fondness for broccoli. (The tarta she made us for our first dinner? Muy, muy bien!) She also has a college-age son who wants to be a journalist someday, so she loves what we’re doing. *Score!*

Her apartment is a comfortable distance from our class HQ, though of course Kelsey and I got lost again going home today. (Twice in four days! We should get a medal.) But otherwise our living situation has improved exponentially, and now that we’re all three fed, showered and unpacked, we are prepping ourselves for a few hours of work before calling it a night.

And we are pretty tired: Kelsey and I, along with those of our class who could be pulled away from reporting, were treated to (though I know some who would say “tormented by”) a lesson in flamenco dancing, which was… quite a sight behold. But I’ll let the others tell that story – I’m pretty sure someone took an embarrassing video (or five).

See here for our stories and everyone else’s blogs.

Tomorrow we go on a day trip to Avila and Segovia. Buenas noches, todos!



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